Our lives are filled with many stressors that result in significant impairment of health and functionality. Doctor Hatem Asad encounters this issue often as he tries to analyze a patient's medical problems. He has realized that modern living has come to the point that our lives are polluted with artificial and unnecessary factors that negatively affect the proper maintenance of our health.


Doctor Asad has been practicing medicine for 33 years, the whole time receiving input from his patients. He has come to the conclusion that many of our medical problems are preventable. He believes we have overwhelmed ourselves with products and an artificial lifestyle that impairs our health and keeps us from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The result is that we do not age as gracefully as we would like.


There are many beneficial resources which occur naturally in our environment. We should look for them and try to utilize them in order to maintain a more healthy lifestyle, and have a functional, fulfilling future. Living in harmony with our environment and respecting our limitations is a key point in our health and graceful aging.  Combining that with optimized supplements will achieve the most beneficial results.


Doctor Asad trained at one of the oldest medical schools in Eastern Europe, the Medical University in Kyiv, Ukraine. This has been one of the main medical schools in the world that teach physicians to understand the influences of our environment on our health, and how to extract the best out of it. Being certified in internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, sleep medicine and providing care throughout all these years of practice, Doctor Asad has become very involved in trying to maintain his patients' health as naturally as possible.


Dr. Hatem Asad

The principles defining our philosophy in preparing our products are to utilize ingredients that are natural and beneficial, and which also follow the teachings of Islam in order to provide pure Halal certified products. These products have been formulated with the finest ingredients from around the world, and only manufactured in United States Food and Drug inspected facilities. They are closely monitored to ensure that they meet our standards. Our sources are selected with great attention. We have invested a great deal of time, effort, and resources in order to provide products that are a fulfillment of our vision. Halal purity, quality and effectiveness are the main things we want to provide.


We will continue to provide our products based on these principles as we research the most appropriate formulas for future products. We want this to be our legacy.